crownfund3.pnghas been created to serve those wishing to help others, not to make money. We are a Not-for-Profit Community Interest Company ourselves.

We particulary embrace projects that help Addicts, no matter what substance or behavior is an issue for them. These include (but are in no way limited to) Alcohol, Gambling, Drugs, Technology, Porn, Sex, Food, and Gaming.

Our service is FREE and there are NO registration or commission fees. The only deduction that comes off the amount raised is the processing fee taken directly by the payment processors (ie. Stripe, PayPal or Bank). Whatever we receive we pass on to you. In return if you feel that we have helped you in some way and want to help cover our costs, then feel free to make a small donation to one of our own fundraising projects  :-)


So if you have an idea for a project that helps support Addicts in some way, then please feel free to use our services.

Likewise if you are running an existing service and need to raise some extra funds, then go for it! We'd love to have you on here.

Simply create your campaign, do a quick video (record on your phone will do) and promote heavily on social media using the hashtags appropriate to your audience. Given that the site is called "CrowdFundMe" that video should be about a person, either the founder with the passion and the lived experience, or the Addict that needs the help. But don't overthink it - People connect with People.


Happy CrowdFunding!