Absolutely! We are here to supplement other services, not replace them.

Or you can just use GamHelp on its own, your call.
We simply share what works.

Sometimes these are things that are used in GA. Other times it's CBT. And then there's Mindfullness and a range of other newer approaches that work (which is all we care about).

But the thing that works more than anything is just bringing people together to share their story with someone like them. A gambler listening to another gambler, a mother listening to another mother.

Having that extraordinary connection moment allows the person to open up without fear of being judged, and the healing can begin.

What follows are conversations that get to the heart of the matter, and the way forward and next actions tend to reveal themselves naturally in a supportive, trusting space.
Yes. Currently we are not allowing people from outside the UK to register, but we may expand it internationally in perhaps 5+ years time.

But GamHelp itself is split into geographic groups based on where you are from. So for instance if you are a Gambler from the North East then as well as having access to the whole site you are automatically put into the North East group for local contacts and support.

Likewise if you are a Father of compulsive gambler in the Midlands, then you can get local support from other Dads in the Midlands.
Well we wish they would but they don't offer it! They usually tell us:

* "we're spread too thin.."
* "we're expecting the law to change.."
* etc.

One even sent a cease & desist letter from their solictor!

The gambling industry brings in a massive £14,000,000 million pounds a year yet contributes just £9m a year to cleaning up Gambling Harm (most of which goes on GamCare looking after just 8,000 of the 430,000 problem gamblers and a few other small initiatives).

Directors of Gambling Operators simply don't appear to prioritise gambling harm, despite the fact that their own net worth from providing gambling services is considerable. We would like this to change.


The one area where we WOULD like Operators' help is in their day-to-day operations, perhaps:

* Publicising GamHelp on their machines, on their websites, and in their marketing emails

* Having their Account Managers refer people to GamHelp for help when their time and money exceeds their prior usage levels
When it comes to gambling, the current UK Gov't appears to put profits before people (judging by the recent fiasco to implement the £2 FOBT stake).

They appear to be influenced by the industry and in denial over the harm that is being caused to families and communities by gambling.

So we need to raise our own funds and get on with the job.
GamHelp & CrowdfundMe! are both brands/trading names of a new not-for-profit organisation called Back on Track Project C.I.C. (company number 11307909)

Back on Track only help addicts and their families. We're starting with Gambling (through personal lived experience) but later will be branching out to help Addicts of different types, based on our observation that there is a lot of common factors underlying various different addictions.

The company is founded and run by Mike Chatha who has 25+ years experience of helping problem gamblers overcome their gambling addiction and get their lives back.

CrowdFundMe! charges zero percent commission on funds raised, and other than the processing charges (Stripe, PayPal, etc) 100% of funds raised go straight to the project and the Addicts that need the help.

430,000 gambling addicts in the UK but only 18,000 getting help? We want to change that utilising our 25yrs lived experience combined with the latest monitoring and support technology

Back on Track Project C.I.C

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