New Discoveries about Gambling Addiction!

16 February 2019

The founder of GamHelp, Mike Chatha, has published a book identifying previously overlooked reasons for WHY people become addicted to Gambling.

Why two people will gamble and one will be fine while the other chases their losses, gets into debt, becomes stressed out and suicidal. Why? What was different about them to start with?

You will learn:

* About an undiagnosed condition you may have, which explains why two key parts of your brain are SMALLER than they should be, and may have hindered you from ever gambling normally

* How, once you start gambling, part of your brain actually SHUTS DOWN making you UNABLE to stop or even walk away until you have run out of money

* Why brain scans of Gambling Addicts are INDENTICAL in many respects to Crack Cocaine & Crystal Meth addicts

* About a case where a Million people addicted to one of the hardest drugs on the planet experienced spontaneous remission with virtually no withdrawal, and what was present to make this miraculous recovery just happen on its own

Get this ground-breaking book from here: Paperback | Kindle

Large Internet Firm Supports Free Gambling App

16 February 2019

We're not at liberty to say who at this stage, but one of the largest internet firms in the world has offered use of their infrastructure for our forthcoming gambling block APP.

This household name will allow GamHelp users to filter out gambling site and content via the network of worldwide datacenters, providing Problem Gamblers with high speed, uninterupted internet access... but no access to Gambling.

The totally free APP is ready to move into construction phase as soon as we have raised the full £30,000

MP Carolyn Harris Supports GamHelp!

2 December 2018

Well we've barely kicked off the campaign and would you believe we have already got the support of Carolyn Harris!

For those of you that don't know she’s the Deputy Leader of the Welsh Labour Party, MP for Swansea East, and Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities and Home Affairs.

Best of all she is the unofficial Champion of Gambling Harm, relentlessly fighting for more safeguards and help for this hidden and damaging addiction that affects 430,000 people in the UK and SO many more family members.

2 people die A DAY from Gambling Addiction, a subject very close to Carolyn's heart.

Also too the 55,000 children under 16 with a gambling problem (according to the Gambling Commission). We have to do MUCH more than we are.

Please join Carolyn in your support of GamHelp and tell others too.

Thank You Carolyn x

430,000 gambling addicts in the UK but only 18,000 getting help? We want to change that utilising our 25yrs lived experience combined with the latest monitoring and support technology

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